Tony Evans - What is the role of the church? - RightNow Leadership Conference

Published 2 years ago
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Tony Evans speaking at RightNow Conference for Pastors, Small Group Leaders, Youth Ministers, and other Church Leaders.

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As church leaders, it's tempting to spend a majority of our time and energy on programs that are focused inside the walls of the church. However, the people we are leading actually live most of their lives outside the walls of the church. They spend 5-6 days a week at work. Maybe they coach a little league team or volunteer at school. They're busy raising their kids. They spend time with their friends on the weekend. Their lives intersect with a lot of people outside the church all week long.

So as church leaders, how can we intentionally inspire and coach our people to see the natural ministry opportunities around them every day? How can we lead our people to serve beyond the walls; beyond the ministries inside the church; and take their faith into a world that desperately needs Christ?

Featuring teaching from:
Max Lucado
Tony Evans
Pete Briscoe
JR Vassar
Todd Phillips
Matt Carter
Larry Osborne
Erwin McManus

Who might use this kit:
All your church staff
Specific ministry teams within your staff - Key leaders like elders or deacons
Volunteer small group teachers
Youth volunteer leaders
Anyone who your church is developing as a leader

The RightNow Kit also includes:
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5 Workbooks
12 funny and dramatic sermon illustrations on video
12 short videos stories of people and churches serving beyond the walls
40 audio messages to distribute to other church leaders
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