This is a light duty sprayer that works well for a variety of types of painting jobs. Saves a ton of time– The best part about using a paint sprayer to complete projects is that it saves me a ton of time. It's time to put down your paint brushes and rollers and pick up a Graco paint sprayer. GRACO MAGNUM PROJECT PAINTER PLUS MODEL #257025. This is an affordable alternative to hiring a contractor and it is something I take with me on my truck on a regular basis. Unplug sprayer. 28. Just like your house, your shed can fade over time. Affordable alternative– As previously mentioned I had wasted money on contractors in the past. The Graco Project Painter Plus is good if you have a limited budget and you’re needing some extra help at a relatively low price when compared to others on the market.. Whether you’re a hobbyist, fixer-upper, or absolute beginner, Graco's DIY Series sprayers deliver amazing results. Graco Sprayer Airless Stand 0.24Gpm 257025. FREE Shipping. Ensure your paint sprayer always operates at maximum performance—choose genuine Graco parts. Pick up locally. Trigger gun. The magnum project painter plus paint sprayer can help with any project from painting a shed, spraying a fence with stain, deck, or exterior walls. If you have a product warranty claim or question, get started here with easy-to-follow steps. Applying a new coat of finish to your deck will protect the wood from the sun and harsh weather and make all the difference in the appearance of your entire home. I looked through as many Graco airless paint sprayer reviews as possible before choosing one that I thought would best fit my budget (under $300) and that was a reputable brand and sprayer. You’ll complete your project in With that being said, I look to friends and readers of this site to give a review for those who have little paint spraying experience, thus helping our readers out better. Related Products. Make sure the pressure control is turned up to a higher spray pressure. You’ll pay an additional $150 or so to get it, so you’ll want to be sure you need those features. Graco 243043 Tip Extension, 30 inches CDN$112.91. This sprayer has the capacity to handle most interior and exterior home improvement projects and lets you spray directly from a 1 or 5 gallon container to finish faster. Ships from and sold by View All DIY Series. Up to 15 times faster, in fact! Fully assembled and ready to use – simply connect the hose, spray gun and tip and you’ll be spraying in minutes. View online or download Graco Magnum Project Painter 5 Instructions Manual, Operation Manual Pro Series. We stock the best brands at everyday low prices. Descriptif technique. Painting textured ceilings with paint rollers takes time and can cause the texture to flake off from the surface. And despite the fact that the paint job was sloppy, I still had to pay for labor and materials. From finding replacement parts to locating service centers to troubleshooting & repair help, and learning how to use your equipment, explore your options. 26. You'll finish your DIY projects a lot quicker when you're using a house paint sprayer indoors and out. Ships from and sold by I am 35 years old and have been working in various construction trades since the age of 17. This item Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer. First, let’s take a closer look at the features of the Graco Project Painter Plus. Painting trim and doors in a room can often be overlooked. For a larger selection of paint sprayers, you really need to do your shopping online. These independently owned centers are your one-stop shop for all matters regarding product servicing. It can be powered by both a household current and a 1500 Watt generator. The Magnum Project Painter Plus is ideal for household painting needs. If you are looking for an economical sprayer that is going to get the job done right, this is definitely a good one to choose. It saves me a ton of time and allows me to go home early. In Stock. One day I could be putting together a garage, the next I could be caulking an apartment building. It comes with a power flush cleaning adaptor that is supposed to ease the burden of cleanups. The X7 is a step above the Project Painter in terms of power and its inclusion of a wheeled cart. In Stock. Consult a Graco/ Magnum authorized retailer, distributor, or service center. If you have a question, chances are good that someone else has asked it too. With a fresh coat of stain or paint, decorative shutters greatly improve your home's curb appeal while preserving and protecting them from sun and weather damage. Staining or painting your fence will help preserve and protect it from the sun and weather while improving your home’s overall curb appeal. Graco 243104 Pump Armor, 1-Quart CDN$14.97. My name is Adam Gadsen and I am a home designer who wanted to save some money on remodeling projects. want to consider the Graco Project Painter Plus. Advertisement. In Stock. Here you will find some great information about the product and why I love it so much. That's Mighty Helpful, That's Mitre 10. One dilemma I find in hiring others is that they often don’t do nearly as good as job as I feel I do, especially when it comes to painting. After I wasted money, I decided to go with the Graco x5 airless paint sprayer. Learn how to Sheds are great for storage. A reader who is in the home designer business will look at the Graco X5 Airless Paint Sprayer, while a homeowner will look into the Graco Project Painter Plus. As someone who has extensive experience in using a variety of paint sprayers and guns, I always like to hear what others say about a specific paint sprayer. Over the past years, I’ve seen a lot of paint sprayers with easy leaks, low-quality performance, the suction ball not working and even the trigger getting stuck. I was really surprised at how easy it was to paint interior walls with the Graco Project Painter Plus. This item: Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer CDN$342.73. FEVERWORK 5pcs 60 Mesh Airless Spray Gun Filter Elements For Wagner Airless Paint Spray Gun . Not recommended for trade use Ideal For Home Improvement Projects DIY homeowners, including those new to paint sprayers, breeze through paint jobs perfectly with the Magnum Project Painter Plus. A new or updated color like white or stain can put the finishing touch on a professional-looking interior painting project. You'll complete your project in half the time it would take using brushes and rollers. Works well– I have worked with some paint sprayers in the past and I didn’t really like them. It's time to put down your paint brushes and rollers and pick up a Graco paint sprayer. Maintenance and Service. Project Painter Plus Model 257025 ti14951a If you need additional assistance or if you are having problems with the sprayer, contact the GRACO PRODUCT HELPLINE at 888-541-9788. GRACO Airless Paint Spray Package Magnum Project Plus 240V AC 16W119 Designed specifically for DIY use up to 200 Litres per year. View online or download Graco Magnum dx Operation Manual. This is a big problem for people who plan on using the paint sprayer for multiple projects in a short period of time. The following will be two Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews on two of their most popular models. Register your Graco sprayer to receive technical support and access to helpful information. Project Series. Why won’t my sprayer prime or draw paint up from the paint bucket? View online or download Graco Magnum True Airless Project Painter Plus Owner's Manual Find everything you need for your Graco products here. When I use the paint sprayer to complete projects, it only takes a couple of hours. Watch our Operation videos to get a better understanding of how to operate your new Magnum sprayer. It has a 2.5-gallon paint hopper with a disposable liner which makes cleaning up a breeze. Since I am not in the painting trade, online reviews are very important to me before making an investment in any type of tool. Easy to use, easy to clean, and comes complete with everything you need to get started. Technical Data. Add value and curb appeal to the exterior of your home with a fresh coat of paint. Ideal for interior walls, ceilings, doors, fences and decks. Coming from a reliable brand, every part of the x7 is carefully built. find service for these component parts. Remove each filter and clean it, and store the unit with mineral spirits in the system to prevent the pump from rusting. With the Graco X5 I was pleasantly surprised at the smooth application of the paint. Clean your Graco completely after every use. I chose this model because it is meant for professionals who are working on larger projects. Some people would prefer to go into their local paint store and find this model, but the truth is that most hardware stores and paint stores only carry a few different brands. Turn AllControl to OFF. Browse a number of self-service product support options including accessing brochures and manuals, registering your Graco products and reading frequently asked questions. As a professional painter I sometimes overlook the simple things such as ease of setup frankly because I with my experience, I rarely have to read directions to figure out how a paint sprayer works. The paint sprayer is more effective on wood panels because the paint doesn’t get caught in the cracks. In the last few years, my focus has been on home design and I now employ over 12 workers and several sub-contractors to work on various jobs. It doesn’t shift or move like some lower cost sprayers. 27. Lubricate the pump after every use with Graco throat seal liquid. I bought this particular sprayer about a month ago, and I have had nothing but good experiences when using it. Review #1 is by Adam Gadsden, let’s take a look at Adam’s personal Graco X5 paint sprayer review and what he likes and dislikes about this product. With some basic knowledge and a little practice, you will achieve professional-quality results in no time. Whether it’s a flea market find or an Adirondack chair you already own, a fresh coat of paint can give new life to outdated or tired-looking furniture. Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus vs. Graco Magnum X7 Electric TrueAirless Sprayer. One of the best things that I like to do on this site is getting input from friends, readers, and others about their personal opinion on paint sprayers. 3. Always strain paint before using it, even if it's coming out of a brand new container. Style:Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer. Magnum Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer Whether you're a hobbyist, fixer-upper, or absolute beginner, Graco's DIY Series sprayers deliver amazing results. Finally, we will take a look at where you can buy the Graco Project Painter Plus. • Verify that all containers and collection syste ms are grounded to prevent static discharge. Once I assembled, painting the fence and sides with this sprayer became fun. The piston pump is made up of hardened stainless steel, and it has a power plug light that helps to show you that it has a good power source. Since many rooms with cabinets usually get a lot of traffic and activity, you’ll want to get this project done fast. Share and save. Graco Magnum, 257025: Outils et Bricolage. Keep them looking their best with a fresh coat of paint or stain to preserve and protect them from the sun and weather.