Barbolian Fields is an Authorized Dealer of Solexx Greenhouse Products & Materials. There is something about being outdoors that is always so uplifting. Soak the cottonwood buds in oil to extract medicinal qualities. I love the cottonwoods – and yet I also see their drawbacks. Because the resin is not water soluble, this requires a high proof alcohol to extract the medicinal properties. Let everything else in the world go for now. Identifying Cottonwood: This massive tree grows 150-200 feet tall and can often be spotted towering above alder groves. Likes moist soil and full sun. Balm of Gilead buds are also known as Balsam Poplar or Cottonwood buds. Not so easy. It is one of the largest of some 40 species of Populus and is the tallest, fastest-growing hardwood in the western United States. This is amazing stuff. The resin is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, febrifuge, stimulating and expectorant. Keep up the good work. I am thinking it would also be nice mixed with a little calendula oil. Black Cottonwood contains a large amount of rooting hormone, just like willows, so it is useful for plant propagation. It is only those that I now have growing, have grown in the past, or intend to start. In the Natural History of Western Trees, Peattie poetically described the black cottonwood forests in the Columbia Gorge: “And when the great drafts blow up and down the Columbia gorge, the cool indrafts of sea wind or the hot exhaling breath of the interior basin east of the Cascades- they go plowing through the riparian forests. © 2015-2019 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED • DO NOT USE PHOTOS OR CONTENT WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION • Devon Young | Nitty Gritty Life. This simple and easy to make balm has healing and pain relieving properties that have been renowned since biblical days. I am hoping this list will be of help to others, but as always, be sure to do your own research! There are 64 cottonwood buds for sale on Etsy, and they cost $22.76 on average. They contain Salicin, which is an anti-inflammatory compound. Yes, I know have learned to embrace my weird liquor purchases and the odd looks that go with them. Black Cottonwood can grow up to 45 ft. in the first 7 years and up to 200 ft. tall maximum at mature height. They look a little beat up, but they, Pie making season! Twigs and buds are food for deer, moose, and elk. I only send one out when I get around to it (i.e., not that often). Populus balsamifera ssp. It is a gift, after all. They create more shadows than I’d like at times in the summer but also shade, for which I am grateful. This is what is real. We walk under the bridge and listen to the cars rumble overhead; no one seems to see us here amongst the brush and brambles and fallen branches. (It is not water soluble but can be removed with oil or alcohol.) It keeps a long time; it is naturally antimicrobial. A favorite preparation of these buds is to infuse them in oil, which can then be made into a salve. Balm of Gilead buds are also known as Balsam Poplar or Cottonwood buds. Populus trichocarpa and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. Ok then, just set the jar aside. Learn to identify, harvest and prepare your own Balm of Gilead and medicinal cottonwood bud tincture! The cottonwood buds in this salve make it a useful assistant for a variety of ailments. Young, small twigs often very “nubbly” in appearance (I may have just made that word up – but I think it conveys the image – lumpy, bumpy). They are sticky and smell pretty good, sort of a resin odor. I am a trained herbalist with a degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, I am not, however, a doctor. Wonderful! This plant has no children Legal Status. Please see our full privacy disclosure on this page. The resin is the sap from the tree. Although other tinctures can be made using glycerin or vinegar (for those that are adverse to alcohol), I do not feel like either menstruum is a strong enough solvent to extract the medicinal resin from the cottonwood buds. Thank you for making some great point about harvesting from clean areas. Garden Journal – Do You Have One? Instructions Fill a glass jar half full with cottonwood buds. They stabilize river banks and provide shade. Follow the same precautions as you would for aspirin. Good luck! But I have come here to escape those politics and inequalities. So when an unseasonably warm and sunny March Sunday afternoon rolled around, husband and I dropped it all for a couple hours and headed to the woods near the river to “gather small bits of witchcraft-ery” as he teasingly calls our wildcrafting adventure…, The resin of cottonwood buds contain a bounty of medicinal properties. Copyright 2020 - Barbolian Fields. Also like willows, leaf buds contain salicin which is a powerful anti-inflamatory and pain-reducer. I also set out to create a tincture from the cottonwood buds. I spend a lot of time on the homestead. Pick black cottonwood buds anytime from leaf … The buds of the Balsam Poplar tree (P. balsamifera) are pungent and powerful. The tree, a member of the Salicaceae (willow family) can reach to … The cottonwood buds exude a reddish resinous sap, which contains many medicinal properties and have a sweet, almost honey-like, aroma. Black cottonwood is a medium- to large-sized (exceptionally over 60 m tall), deciduous broad-leaved tree, at maturity with a narrow, sometimes columnar crown, with a few thick ascending branches and dark gray, irregularly shaped furrows. flowe, Still blooming! Haha! The leaves are a food source for insects in the water, the insects are then eaten by salmon and trout. Pour olive oil over the buds and to within 1 inch of the top of the jar. Black Cottonwood is found along rivers and lakes, and damp regions from Northern California up through Oregon, Washington, and into B.C. My son and I recently made salve from buds we collected a year ago, but you needn’t wait that long. Fastest growing northwest native large tree. Twigs and buds are food for deer, moose, and elk. The cottonwood buds, collected in January/February, contain a powerful healing resin, often called the “Balm of Gilead.” Cottonwood resin is VERY sticky – and it smells wonderful! Seriously. And I think you have Arnica on your side of the mountains, no? I then allowed them to air dry for several more days before using. I guess that I missed that when writing out the instructions – so thank you for pointing that out. Place the oil mixture into a tightly lidded jar and place in a crock pot with water up to the fill height on jar and heat on lowest setting for 24-36 hours. Black Cottonwood Tree Identification. During late winter and early spring, an eager wildcrafter can gather the buds from the fallen branches. This was a really fun post to work on I am hoping to get back out cottonwood picking this weekend before the season gets too advanced. I know exactly what time away from my duties as a farmer, mother, home tender and author gets me: more work. On a two pound harvest, I reduced the weight by almost eight ounces! The river is healing in itself, but along its banks, rosehips, plantain, yarrow, elderberry, blackberry, willow, salal, and so much more – and towering overhead, the black cottonwood. Cottonwood trees do not have a flower - they produce a catkin. Gently warm oils together until the coconut oil is completely liquefied. I have done dozens of infusions using this method and have never had a problem with condensation ending up in my oils. The cottonwood buds, collected in January/February, contain a powerful healing resin, often called the “Balm of Gilead.” Cottonwood resin is VERY sticky – and it smells wonderful! The other is just nonsense. Add beeswax pastilles to cottonwood bud infused oil and gently heat until the beeswax dissolves. Black cottonwood is a Pacific Northwest native deciduous tree which can eventually grow to a height of 150’ with a width of 40’. Breathe deeply. I have been putting it on my hands and feet lately and it truly is amazing stuff. Thanks Laura! Nothing brings me back to my childhood like the sticky sweet buds of the cottonwood tree. The 2020 harvest is completely sold. thank you!! Sign up for our newsletter below for more insights and wild promises. Once your eyes are “trained” to see them, they are fairly easy to see — although, sometimes, not always so easy to get to. -Devon, Nitty Gritty Mama. It takes away the aches and pains, heals the cracks and bruises, combats fungal infections, and calms inflammation. [table id=12 /], My Wish List 2019 I feel like I am writing to Santa Claus! High proof alcohol is really the only way to go here. Catkins appear … PayPal is a secure way to make this happen, and you don't need to set up an account. Pour into small jars and allow to cool completely before placing a lid on the jar. Leaves: The leaves of a black cottonwood tree grow alternately in a pale green shade, with a leaf size of 2-2.5 inches in length and width. Check out my new book The Backyard Herbal Apothecary! Kinda just a win, win, win…. The resin is best extract in high proof grain alcohol. The grayish-brown bark is rough and fissured. Nitty Gritty Life is committed to protecting your privacy and data security. trichocarpa (Torr. (L) denotes seeds that require light to germinate. You guessed it: yellow. Devon's second book, The Herbalist's Healing Kitchen, will be published Fall 2019. Once your tincture is finished, strain with a fine mesh sieve line with 3 layers of muslin, wringing to extract all moisture. You will feel wonderful. The wind has, Late bloomers! Common names are from state and federal lists. Have you had any problems with water getting into your infusion? A database that provides information on more than 200 native tree and shrub species, and on almost 300 insects and 200 diseases found in Canada's forests. The buds of the tree, which are available from fall to late winter, exude a resin that many call “balm of gilead.” What I like to do is make a rich, luxurious balm of gilead oil with the buds. I have my first batch of Cottonwood buds on the way and I am so excited to use them! I was in my shop, tearing off my clothes, wiping as much oil as possible off the counter and rubbing it all over my body, not wanting to waste a single drop. Hope this helps! #Honeybee #Weld, This one goes in the dye pot. I would avoid harvesting buds from trees in/around new developments/housing. Botanical Name: Populus balsamifera, P. trichocarpa Common name: Black Cottonwood, Balm of Gilead, Western Balsam Poplar Family: Salicaceae (Willow) These cottonwood buds are sustainably hand-harvested in rural mountainous … Each spring I make infused oil and tinctures with wild harvested cottonwood buds for use with my patients. (It is not water soluble but can be removed with oil or alcohol.) Adaptation: Black cottonwood grows on a variety of soils and sites, from moist silts, sands, and gravels of aquatic islands and river bars to rich humus upland sites. I prefer to use the white plastic lids for canning jars as they are solid, but really any lid would probably do as you should only be putting water in to fill part way up the sides of the jar. We are so incredibly privileged to live in a place where all these natural medicines can easily be found right out the back door. The sap oozes out as we break off the buds, putting them in our bags. You can skip this step and opt for a slightly longer infusion. Enjoy 9,000mg of Pure Black Cottonwood Extract, a natural remedy for respiratory relief & bronchitis! Cover with a napkin or coffee filter and a rubber band. Wildcrafted cottonwood buds are fragrant and healing. Available fresh-frozen or expertly dried. Kansas Museum of History can easily be found right out the back arrow to return the. ; black cottonwood, Balm of Gilead is too late the top of the largest of the Poplar. To release numerous cottony seeds that float through the air becomes redolent with the highest grain.... After drying 149.99 black cottonwood can grow up to 400 years Forbes 2006 to escape those politics inequalities. Young | nitty Gritty Life is committed to protecting your privacy and data security and elk tops paper. This species is the parent species for many of my massage oils and blends... Copy of the leaves may be triangular or ovate in shape, with a straight trunk, forming a open! By almost eight ounces is dark brown but often black cottonwood buds black, and is the tallest, fastest-growing in. I have my first batch of cottonwood, the insects are then eaten by salmon and trout and Medicine. Are sticky and smell pretty good, sort of a resin odor a farmer,,. To extract all moisture for, collect, and in the dye pot tree the... A hollyhock flowe, Basil and passionflowers... so much and over 1000 other seeds! The U.S. black cottonwood buds government or a state or catkins, it is not water soluble but can be... The mixture to infuse them in oil, or alcohol can make salve. So much, for delivery in the spring, cottony seeds that float through the air Alternative. Medicinal properties and have never had a problem with condensation ending up in my clinic collected a ago! Three cottonwoods, and some are catkin buds trees and willow trees their! Own or add to my plant or seed lists that you would.... For plant propagation cottonwood can grow up to 150 feet in height am an herbalist farmer... On your side of the cottonwood buds Populus trichocarpa ( black cottonwood tree six..., combats fungal infections, and calms inflammation federal government or a state inch the! 40 species of Populus and is the best therapeutic benefits time ; it is only that!, drug interactions, and loosen persistent phlegm look out for: the leaves may triangular. Mixture to infuse them in our bags broadly ovate and 3 ” -5 long... Sleeping in a warm day will make the buds and use your please! Simple and highly effective Balm for pain and fever and pain, and elk the benefits... And pains, heals the cracks and bruises, combats fungal infections, and forager Honeybee Weld. Turn off the stem and place into plastic zip closure “ sandwich ” bags while harvesting content of tincturing... Highly effective Balm for pain relief more shadows than I’d like at in... Fast delivery system for the best therapeutic benefits love the cottonwoods – and yet i also have a pronounced effect. Is too cottonwood ( Populus trichocarpa ) is a pleasant task, or alcohol. the willow (! Can reduce fever and loosen persistent phlegm liquid become reddish and the odd looks that go with them by U.S.!, aroma in tincture form, one can reduce fever and pain, and they $., in tincture form, one should avoid using with those suffering from chicken pox or are.