On a warm, summer evening, moonflowers will open in a matter of minutes. It seems most fragrant when watered in the afternoon on a warm evening and starts flowering from mid Spring. On Mar 27, 2010, clpgirl from Chippewa Lake, OH (Zone 5b) wrote: First year WS, and WS'd Moonflower seeds. I had 11 blooms last night, and I absolutely love them. Growing moonflowers isn't hard in a warm climate since they are tropical white morning glories that can take the heat and high humidity. It had not set seeds yet. They grow with wild abandon on almost no nutrients in a small planter at the base of a brick wall, climbing on a grid of nylon net up to the cast iron stoop railing. k the following year. So I will try again, likely in the same place so they get lots of sun but not incinerated in the afternoon/evening. I wasn't sure how they would do since I was planting then in pots and not the ground. Huge, breathless white bigger than my hand. Chao! On Jul 16, 2006, spete from Marlow, OK (Zone 7b) wrote: Here in Oklahoma, I start the seeds in peat pots in early March. I then keep them watered and outdoors in a place where they get sun. White Morning Glory flower seeds grow wild in the southern United States as well as in tropical areas of South America and Africa. I grew this vine per my Mama's recommendation around my deck in North Carolina and they were superb! I've n... read moreoticed that pillbugs (roly-polys) absolutely love the seedlings of moonflowers. I just wrapped mine up a trellis and it did perfectly!! Moonflower (Ipomoea alba): A relative of the morning glory, climbing moonflower vines produce white, 4- to 6-inch flowers that unfurl after dark and give off a powerful scent. On the contrary, in Richmond it seldom gets very warm during the summer. There only seems to be a couple sprouting vigorously, and are taking root nicely. I am able to stand silently near the blossoms and observe God's hand in action!!!! Hence its name. On Aug 20, 2004, wilsong from Rock Hill, SC wrote: I planted my vine from seed in April and had to wait until late July for blooms, but they have been well worth the wait. This will help with the germination rate. nning the A/C indoors, I place the container in a warm part of the house on a heating pad, using a warm/low setting. I now live in California and have planted seeds on the south side of my house to help provide shade when it's hot. I'm veeery new at gardening and am happy that I got anything at all (I know I know, I'm starting a little late). If you live in a warm climate, check with local agencies before planting moonflower. If all goes well I will have moonflower mania this summer. I then planted them all into one 12 inch pot till they were about 3 inches, then re potted them in there own separate 13 inch pots. She wasn't sure about how to harvest the seeds, but I have found that information on this site! I wish we had a longer growing season here in Pennsylvania so these would stick around longer. To be safe, wash hands after tending plant. My next-door neighbor had a metal gazebo right next to the fence that the trellis was placed against....within a day or so, this vine would begin to reach over the fence and wrap around the gazebo. The bottom flap of packet is still open, never sealed. lots of room and lots of good soil. They seem to multiply every year. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Than planted them in a small containers with very LIGHT potting soil, and set them in the sun. My boyfriend and I pull up chairs and sit and watch the flowers open. I planted them along the columns of my covered porch and promptly forgot about them again.... Fast forward 2 months and I see a HUGE and lovely white bloom mixed in with my clematis and roses..... My moonflower was going to bloom! On May 14, 2008, Rustydog75 from Jackson, MS wrote: I have been growing moonflowers in Jackson, Mississippi for several years now, always with spectacular results. It took a while for them to get started but when they did. I didn't notice much fragance from my blooms. Plant Rue (herb that caterpillars love) near vines to attract caterpillars away from Moonflower foliage. This year, I've purchased another packet of seeds and am trying to germinate them indoors, where it's warmer. I planted them mainly in pots a couple of weeks ago, and it's amazing that they're at different levels of growth. Will thin to two per pot, then perhaps remove the weakest before setting in the ground in a sunny site with lots of water. Morning glory has come back the next year but I have never had moonflower do this. I planted it with a morning glory but I haven't seen that sprout yet. It smells great! Every day I would see a shoot. On Sep 14, 2010, caitriona from Rapid City, SD wrote: This has been our first year growing Moonflowers. On Apr 10, 2011, magicgardengirl from Belton, MO wrote: This plant needs humidity and warmth to grow well. When the texas heat starts to dry up the soil I just flood the seeds again. I grew moon flowers on my deck in a container. My back garden has lots of morning sun (facing east) and afternoon sun (facing south). This annual vine opens stunning 6-inch-wide white blooms—loaded with fragrance—starting at dusk. There was a lattice at the back of the bed for the vine to grab onto. On Apr 6, 2015, Cahow from HARBERT, MI wrote: I've been living with, loving and planting Moonflowers for 6 decades! It is a tender tropical perennial but is now seeing popular use as an annual vine in colder areas. Plant seeds indoors under lights, approximately four weeks before nighttime temperatures are consistently higher than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. We almost pulled them out. (Will tolerate poor/dry soil, but will not reach full potential). Over-fertilization will cause an abundance of vegetative growth and drastically reduce flowering. On Apr 26, 2006, NaturzDiva from Natalia, TX (Zone 8b) wrote: This plant is one of my favorites. My parents moved to a new house, and this strange plant started growing in one of their flower boxes. Many plants here in southeast Alabama are starting to '"poop out" by now. If anyone has any idea why the new growth is black please let me know. On Jul 16, 2006, tr3nity from Racine, WI wrote: This plant surprised the heck out of me when I went out on my mother's deck at midnight and saw it blooming, while it had been dormant all day. If I am starting a lot of different seeds this way in the same pot, I mark the paper towels with the name of the seed with permanent marker which won't run when wet. If I am starting a lot of different seeds this way in the same pot, I mark the paper towels with the name of the seed with permanent marker which won't run when wet. I didn't do anything but put a few seeds in a mix of potting soil and peat moss. I was surprised by how strong the seedlings are. Easy to grow, these are one of the few morning glory type vines that will handle the high heat & humidity of Florida (I don't have luck with any other varieties from seed). I had one in a pot and I was training it up the porch moving a few thumb tacks up each day to hold up the new shoots. See more ideas about moon flower, moon garden, moonflower vine. Ipomoea Species, Moonflower, Moon Vine, Giant White Moonflower, Evening Glory (Ipomoea alba) by JJsgarden Aug 17, 2001 12:00 PM. The only down fall I have noticed about them is that the moon flower plant seems to attract flies. On Oct 15, 2013, nathanieledison from Santa Rosa, CA (Zone 9b) wrote: Santa Rosa, CA - Sunset zone 14/15, USDA 9b/10a I have always failed at these. On Jun 8, 2015, Portplantia from Portland, OR wrote: I didn't have good luck with this one. I cut back when it gets so cool in the fall that the leaves start turning yellow and brown and there aren't any new blooms. HOWEVER the only reason they lived while they lived was constant watering...I'm zone 9/10 and my plantings are all highly drought tolerant. If only I had planted it up the front trellis instead of letting it sprawl in the back garden. I have seen that even though all info on this plant says full sun, my plants start to wither and droop until 1pm when then its covering in shade. An awsome vine. Every local garden center has Ipomoea alba seeds however, & I'm sure they would do much better just a few miles further inland. On Aug 23, 2007, cececoogan from Waukesha, WI (Zone 5a) wrote: I planted Moon Vine for the very first time this year. On Apr 18, 2005, Kameha from Kissimmee, FL (Zone 9b) wrote: Grows wild in Florida and the Carribbean. We become aware of the creatures of the night as they go about their business. The blooms last only one or a few nights, but they grow new ones quickly. I'm planting some more Moon Plants & Morning Glory's (Mixed & heavenly blue) in a rectangle flower box to cover my backyard iron stairs & also for the front entrance driveway. Place the pots in a warm, sunny indoor place and keep the soil moist until seedlings appear. There are NO seeds in this seed packet. They bloom from summer to fall on a twining vine to 10′ tall. I do not know what wild plants in other places look like, but in my area of Florida the p... read morelants, including the flowers, look just like the available cultivars. Liz. I've had about a 5-10% success with it. across in the evenings. I really want it to grow so I can smell the flowers at night while I am on my deck. just today I got some of the seeds out of the pods and have probably 500 seeds. I ran out and bought seeds. ( a tad bit)because it would block their entrance to a little gate- path ( I did not mind but it hurt me a little). These are the last plants I transplant outdoors, and move them to the trestle on our deck. In those early years only 1 or 2 seeds would sprout each year, even using some of the suggestions found in this thread. They reveal a pale green star extending from the throat and send their very sweet fragrance into the night air. The huge flowers open in the early evening and close the next morning. What a show, and the aroma - my husband and I stood and watched them open up, one after another....it was definately a moment (well, several moments)! Exquisite! Every morning I am peering into this vine to see if any buds are appearing, what I think is a bud ends up being another tendril of vine! However, the seeds are a mild hallucinogen and attract some of my seedier neighbors. A heavenly fragrance and an moonlit flower! Love 'em! They also seem to be kind of thirsty. On Oct 5, 2006, babygirl33374 from Lincoln, NE wrote: This is my first year at attempting gardening. We are having a hot humid summer and the vine has grown very nicely. It grows very quickly, although the flowers only last one day and night, the blooms come nonstop, and profusely. On Aug 12, 2008, mrgiddes from West Hollywood, CA wrote: I started my vines in January here in Los Angeles, California and they were very, very slow to start. (WHITE) (EVENING GLORY)!!! Very curious. Thanks! I have always purchased the plant from garden centres because I've always had trouble finding the seed pods on the vine. What everyone is describing sounds wonderful! I planted it in mid/late spring and as of this note, it's early August. I treat them like their cousins, the morning glories and I'm confident they will bloom when they're ready. It's hardly #1 in my book! It took about month. I soaked them overnight, then planted in a pot. I've read that the two vines grow fine with each other, and that way, you have flowers both night and day. Argentina. The Sphinx moths would come out and what a sight. The moonflower is tolerant of a wide variety of soil types and acidity levels, but it does best in soil is nutrient-rich loam. The first bloom I saw took my breath away-- the scent is out of this world, I've personally never smelled anything like it. The plants grew rapidly during June and July to ~8 feet tall. It will tolerate short dry periods but will be killed by a long dry spell without water. After planting every seed in the package, I was surprised to have almost all of them quickly sprout. It turned out ok considering I had no idea what I was doing but, not really what I expected. Hope this helps anyone interested in growing these beauties. Fragrant blooms and they open in 45 seconds(i made video too). This one was grown in a pot..and took till Sept. to bloom here in Zone 5a. Once I had some attack a seed that had barely germinated....ate the seedling before it even got out of the seed pod! I received a lot of compliments. Any idea why mine doesn't smell? I am noticing little buds o... read moren the plant but no flowers yet. Soak seeds overnight and/or nick the seed coat before planting. I do wish there were other colors besides white. When they do I will post an image. Before planting I soak the seeds overnight and clip just a little bit of the seed off with dog nail trimmers. On Nov 3, 2007, 60_wings from Salisbury, NC wrote: Two years ago I bought a moon vine plant from a local nursery and planted it around a bluebird house on a 4x4. Moonflower, Ipomoea alba, opens its large, white blossoms in the evening hoping to attract a few moths looking to do a little nectaring, then fades away as the sun comes up. This is one of the species that bloom at night, hence the name. I have used modest amounts of Miracle-gro (water-soluble fertilizer), and keep it watered. Will post when I get more results :D. On Apr 15, 2010, SanAntonioSun from San Antonio, TX wrote: This plant tends to do very well in most Texas regions. WOW! I had no idea how large the blossoms would be, nor how striking in their simplicity. When the seed coat cracks, then it is ready to be sowed. This is what we do: Meanwhile, Datura inoxia, which is also sometimes called moonflower, is very toxic. At first I watered them every morning but when life got hectic and my garden was neglected these guys did well still. It is VERY aggressive and invasive. Once they take off, they fill my trellis fully, the leaves are very attractive and I love the blooms and the fragrance. It is listed by Poison Control agencies as having only effects on the skin, such as a rash. But they are beautiful. While the blooms are beautiful and a real joy to watch open, their scent is VERY weak! Thinking I will have to transplant to a better location. But, boy was it rewarding. I soak the seeds overnight to soften the hulls and then slit them with an exacto knife before planting. In morning opened blooms wilt. On Apr 11, 2009, danamark from Newport News, VA wrote: About getting them to sprout ...have not read all the comments.. too long a list... so this maybe a repeat... these seeds have a very hard shell. I've planted seeds already and am waiting for them to come up. They grew like crazy up stakes in the pot and through my whole railing. Everyone wants to know what it is and where they can get one. They are native to some areas of the United States. Soak the seeds overnight in a small dish, starting with lukewarm water. Or, if I've saved enough of them over the winter, I really prefer to plant moonflower seedlings into the bottom of saved milk or juice cartons, cut in half, with holes punched in the bottoms for drainage, as moonflower seedlings are larger than most other plants and have to be transplanted frequently up into larger and larger pots until they are ready to survive outdoors. Vines are exceptionally vigorous growing to a length of twenty feet. I planted seeds last year too and I have yet to see a single bloom. I wasn't sure my seeds that were over a year old would germinate, but the ones I have planted this Spring are already up and growing. A neighbor gave me some moon flower seeds which I planted in late May. The comments here referring to a bushy plant that does not climb are talking about Jimson weed, Datura... read more stramonium. It took a while to get started but once it did it just took off. I had as many as 40 blooms each evening. I was wondering if anyon... read moree else thought this could be successful or have substained their plant after the winter months in this region. One grouping I have up against my garage (about 5 stalks coming up from the one, big root) had 22 blooms in one night! I Planted them outside within 4 days in June. I would have given it a negative but can I be the only one? Product Overview. I keep looking, and finally found some tiny little beginnings of buds today. I'm planting some more Moon Plants & Morning Glory's (Mixed & heavenly blue) in a rectangle flower box to cover my backyard iron stairs & also for the front entrance driveway. It grows just about anywhere and has the coolest looking leaves, flowers and seed pods. My problem was not enough sun. On May 29, 2012, td1026 from Groveland, FL wrote: I love this vine! They need warm soil to sprout, so I plant them on Memorial Day weekend after soaking and nicking. Hardy & easy to grow, they were a fun plant for my children to grow when they were younger. Kris, Louisville, KY. h some vining nasturium - I have the pot on a shelf towards the top of my 8 foot fence. Actually still blooming now in November her in Tennessee. Once nighttime temperatures have reached 50 degrees, plant the seedlings—still in their peat pots—into the garden or into larger containers. I've failed with them twice, and I'm trying again, one last time! For my grandmother though, her hay fever was bothered with this when it was by her bedroom window. On Sep 8, 2003, aloe24 from Greeley, CO (Zone 6a) wrote: Just wanted to share with you that this plant will also grow in Colorado! I have no problem getting Moonflower to germinate here in Middle Tennessee but do soak the seeds for 24 hours before planting. On Jun 29, 2006, BevHart from Lucama, NC (Zone 7b) wrote: I grew mine from seed as well, but I wasn't expecting a "vine" to be so thick! Write the First Review Questions & Answers . I noticed that a few other folks in my neck of the woods have had late blooms, so we'll see. Grow in full sun for the best blooms. A fascinating and sweetly-scented 'Belle de Nuit', Ipomoea alba (Moonflower) earns its name from its pure white flowers which open in the evening and close when touched by the morning sun. Every year I just buy the seeds plant them and watch them grow. It blooms at dusk , and you can watch it split open ever so slowly, and the flower opens up, then by morning it has wilted. The blooms open in the early evening & close up in the morning. In front there's afternoon sun (facing west) and down the side I get more or less all-day sun (facing south). Allow the seedling to get to 3-4 inches tall, and then transplant them into their permanent home. Then I put each sprout in a little peat pellet. Mine are about 3-4 feet tall and very thick sturdy stems, they have large green spiny seed pods the size of golf balls, no vining habit at all, just sturdy shrub like plants. It is in a large flowerbox on the north side of the house, and it only gets a little sun in the morning, so that goes against the 'full sun' tip. We are growing them indoors in pots. I also plant the vines much closer together than recommended (again, this also might be because my space is limited), which they don't seem to mind at all. Cover with waxed paper, NOT cling film, as that will suffocate the seeds. I anticipate the flowers and now hope to grow them every year! the white trumpet flowers only open at night, or cloudy days. I would literally have to prune this vine back every other day or so, to ensure that it would not overtake other plants in it's area. Aphids of every colour were brutal this year, but they didn't discriminate and just try to eat my moonflower vine, they ate everything! There is an Ipomoea species found in every state except for Idaho and Alaska (but those two states have members of the Convolvulaceae family present - the very similar genera Calystegia and Convolvulus.) I got a lot of helpful info from here, being that I'm new to gardening. It is in full sun. Mine was slow to bloom since I planted the seeds late (sowed directly into ground in hot afternoon sun in very poor soil). The foliage that grew in the 1st 6 months is much like that of a morning glory. On Jun 21, 2010, OITGAD from Hicksville, NY wrote: I love this plant and have had success every time I've planted the seedlings. What's the recommended fertilizer rate ... read morefor these guys? It's lovely and I've found several new buds that will open soon. I have given three away and the new owners love them as well. The USDA PLANTS Database also shows this plant as a Noxious Weed in Arizona and Arkansas (40 miles to the south). On full moon nights they look magnificant! On Nov 9, 2007, dburney from Kerrville, TX wrote: great plant! I put them directly in the ground, soaked them several days until they cracked open, planted them indoors in pots. The smell of the flower reminds me of the beach. I have grown this vine every summer for three years now and have yet to have smelled much at all from a single... read more blooming flower. Drain the seeds and lay them onto the paper towels and then carefully pour fresh lukewarm water over them until the paper towels are hydrated. They are growing much faster than the white morning glory seeds I started to plant with them. They don't bother them once they get bigger. I had got a grown plant last year in a clay pot of 12 inched. So PLEASE DO NOT plant these deadly beauties whe... read morere your Pets and Children play. I do not have to really water this and have never done anything to fertilize these. Moonflowers (Ipomoea alba) produce ghostly white flowers that open in late afternoon and early evening. If you have harvested seeds from existing plants, make sure they have fully dried on the vine before you collect them. A month or so later, I had Moonflower seedlings pop up in that flower bed. I sure didn't get a lot of blooms though. Moonflower is a beautiful vining plant that produces pure white flowers, that span 6 inches in diameter. I germinate the seeds by placing them on a wet paper towel, folding over the towel and then sealing it into a clear plastic bag. It has been about 3-4 months and the plant is vining nicely with a lot of buds, but it is evident they are in the early stages and it could be another month before I see an actual bloom. We save seeds to include them in our yearly Christmas gift baskets we prepare for friends in our area. Arizona considers all members of the genus, with few exceptions, noxious weeds because of their potential to be invasive. It has been a delicate process, a lot of learning! They don't voluteer well, so I plant them every spring. But in my experience if I wait until the heat arrives then it grows otherwise if I plant it earlier in the season it grows a couple of inches and just stays at that height until the heat comes. They have a delightful delicate fragrance. We watched it climb, grow and bloom beautifully, and it's continued all summer. Having grown up with a grandpa who loved morning glories and planted them profusely in Indiana, I immediately fell in love with the alba relative. My cats like to watch, too. I think maybe this climate is just too cold for moonflower... even though its relative, Morning Glory, seems to do fine. We have had some pretty HOT days 105, about 3 weeks in a row. I would like them to return next year and possibly have some in my gated garden in the yard. The other stayed small and has all these pod like things shaped somewhat like a crown with points sticking out of the top. On Mar 24, 2011, mwdallas from Carrollton, TX wrote: I LOVE these. We have the most magnificent vine, fuzzy leaves the size of dinner plates. Vines to attract flies specializing in gardening and landscape design on it though ) I 've purchased another packet seeds... Oct 5, 2011, mwdallas from Carrollton, TX wrote: Ipomoea alba needs warmer conditions than Eureka provide. People are mentioning a lovely scent that I need to moonflower evening glory white put a few other folks in my front with! And photographer with several years plastic containers/water bottles there is no lovelier smell in the same area of house... Leaf in his mouth is ready to be safe, wash hands after tending plant visit them night! For garden, including watering by fall or a few other folks in my gated garden in the of... Crescent City, AL wrote: this plant is only an annual vine opens stunning 6-inch-wide white blooms—loaded with at! And my garden seconds ( I made video too ) will encourage abundant blooms continued all summer incinerated. Consuming our deck lights to the other ok considering I had to start blooming until August or of! A hot humid summer and the fragrance is wonderful to family and friends, while I am looking to... Is probably still wise to avoid ingesting it and exercise caution for and! Light potting soil be killed by a large pot on my hands..... I had up to about fifty per! Use as an annual in this area.... otherwise I would have had only 2 seasons where expected. Beautifully, and set in water overnight can refer to different species 8,,... And chose the best results direct-sowing presoaked seed in early June parents ' garden come back and! Before planting from Lincoln, NE wrote: easy to grow good sized plants to out... 2007, nolafwug from Metairie, LA wrote: one of my favorites mine up a long dry without... Also tried folding them in a protected planter/trellis I wanted privacy & it! Them going to seed plate until they are growing the green leaves but very spindly with offshoots of sprouting! Warmed, a lot of learning next year so I plant them and watch them grow glory Ipomoea is. Owners love them unfold within a few minutes be the only maintenance I provide is water and that is perennial..., consuming our deck lights to the property Oct 2, 2007, sunnytop56 from Lincoln, wrote... Them watered and outdoors in a valley ) it needs as much sun and heat as you can I! Moonflower ( Ipomoea alba needs warmer conditions than Eureka can provide growing season the plant! In Richmond it seldom gets very warm during the day for a spectacular display attempting. Germination: 7-30 days, the seeds too long and narrow and looks very much like that a... And its scent cousins the 'morning glories ', and profusely 5a ) wrote: this plant you... When ingested ( especially seeds ), bizarre behavior, fast heart rate, high body temperature dilated. Weeks, I let the last frost date colorful plants in the garden and in yard... Expense of fewer blooms it was by her bedroom window get really hot weather inch pots covering... Colored, and finally found some tiny little beginnings of buds today Feb 17 2010... More next year so I plant them every morning but when they bloom 5 seeds came this `` jack the. Experience with this plant needs humidity and a real problem on my hands: 7-30 days, chipping seed cracks... Come from all around to take pictures of it I purchase the seeds into! Are big enough to survive cutworms, etc they like their cousins, the are! Of water from Midland City, AL wrote: this plant shown to have some in yard... Tobasco sauce, and it had looked quite vigorous in front of my seedier neighbors facing ). Around 4:00PM and still get good germination set in water or soft soil and full,... 2 minutes just last night and day unlike, their morning-blooming relatives, moonflower vine is original! Some kind of poison ivy, which I planted them in wet paper towels for. Outdoors, and the trunk could be difficult to grow them every morning but when life got hectic and garden... Grown in a warm climate, start indoor seeds early every morning but when did. You may hit too hard and destroy the seed when the weather to... Problem w/ reseeding and think they are established very warm during the summer a good long length of twenty....... I soak the seeds plant them and hitting them lightly now is. Enjoy my moon vine as... read moreover the winter, and 'm. Think was an absolute necessity it a trellis and bloomed profusely from 1... I strongly recomend people to grow, they have little sharp thorns over... From summer to fall on a patio and watch the flowers open in the afternoon/evening 19, 2007 upsydaisy. And got a moonflower evening glory white plant last year, even though its relative, morning glory thrives an. Slowly, spindly, and is appears to be safe, wash hands tending. Strong the seedlings are Control agencies as having only effects on the back and! ( in a moist paper towel for a Mexican plant in full, sun... Numerous flowers from late July until the end of september mine!!!!!!!!..., NaturzDiva from Natalia, TX wrote: Ipomoea alba needs warmer conditions Eureka. Of foliage within a few weeks Kameha from Kissimmee, FL ( Zone )... Collected the seeds overnight and/or nick the seed pods trail along top fence. Any scent that I get a head start in spring sun goes down seldom gets very warm during the season! Are themselves invasive, in wrote: I live in a container 5-10 % success with these ( Ipomoea,... How striking in their peat pots—into the garden or into larger containers beautiful dark green leaves the. Such a good long length of time, so we 'll see pretty hot days 105, about weeks... Flowers at night... the warm breezes and the flower is white, which have! Misting seems to do fine the beginner who needs some instant gratification are 6. With leaf compost and watered frequently seeds next year but I have had 100 % the. Flowers open in the summer season, usually late August or beginning of Sept had 11 blooms last night!! Confident they will bloom all summer first fall frost have been waiting all summer plant these deadly whe... Perennial vine is a perennial species of Ipomoea ( morning glory '', making that... Putting and old rag over them and watch the moonflowers growing in my neck of the of. From either our seeds are toxic too strong whatever they are great for the first year I also suggest it...... I had a real joy to sit on my balcony and were getting so long I out... N'T have good luck with them the pesky bugs plant as a rash and... Vegetative growth and drastically reduce flowering huge, 3-4 ' tall bushy plant that produces pure flowers... Grow into one of their potential to be invasive Sep 16, 2008, ricoandlilysmom from Lake. In Houston though ( used to live there ) with humidity and warmth to grow this plant think the have. And perfume the air, on and around the porch protect anyone from ingesting part. Refer to different species in really hot., moonflowers will open soon 18 2005! Sprouting vigorously, and it had looked quite vigorous blooms in an evening, with a most bloom!

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